The Rose Graden Serenades are an outdoor concert series which take place in the historical heritage-protected central setting of the city of Bamberg. Therefore the location does not allow the use of an electro-acoustic sound system, this meaning that guitar concerts or musical performances with similar instruments requiring room acoustics cannot take place in the rose garden.


No concert grand available

Sonata and song recitals can likewise not be organized, only the possibility of „not piano-bound“ concerts being given.

Classical or Romantic music programmes with a typical serenade-character, meaning Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Dvořák etc., with characteristic intrumentation for string and wind instruments are welcome.

The concerts take place on a podium in front of the pavilion in the rose garden. Music stands and illumination are available.


Access by car & parking

Access by car or bus is only restrictedly possible for loading and unloading purposes. There is no parking available! Please use the underground parking garage „City-Altstadt“ at Geyerswörth Palace. From there you can reach the rose garden on foot in approximately 8 minutes. For busses you can opt for the official parking facilities at Heinrichdamm or Margaretendamm.


Access by public transport

From the train station you can take the bus 901, 902 or 911 to the central bus station (ZOB) and from there the bus 918 to “Schranne”. From there you can reach the Cathedral Square on foot in approximately 5 minutes. As an alternative you may walk from the central bus station in about 10 minutes.


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